Virtual Private Server Hosting as an Efficient Solution for Your Online Business

You probably wonder why we have chosen virtual private servers as the topic of the current post. Today, one can hardly imagine a successful business without a website. If you are planning to start an online project, you must consider hosting solutions (unless you have a physical server of your own, of course). There is a wide range of hosting options. We are going to find out what is so good about VPS and why it is worth your attention.

Virtual private servers hosting: some general notions

As has been said above, web hosting services are multiple. However, there are only three most widespread solutions. They are:

  • dedicated server;
  • shared web hosting;
  • virtual private server.

It would be reasonable to start with VPS definition before we pass on to comparison of web hosting offers. So, what is a virtual private server? Well, there is a software that makes you feel as if you were using a real server, though in fact it is a virtualized computer consuming a limited portion of hardware resources. Let’s mention that this specialized software managing VPSs is called super- or hypervisor. If you would like to know more about the latter, you may find lots of useful info on the net. In a few words, there is a number of different kinds, all have their strong points. Some are meant for Windows virtual private server, while others are perfect with Linux VPS server hosting. But that is another story.

Virtual private server comparison with other hosting options

There is never a definite answer which one is better. Everything depends on your needs, expectations and financial resources. Shared is money saving, however it lacks most advantages provided by other solutions. Dedicated offers a lot of benefits like top security, customization, and others, but it might cost you a lot. VPS is a compromise combining attractiveness of both options. In short, the key features of virtualized machines can be listed as follows:

  • high reliability. Unlike shared with its limited resources and dependence on other server users, VPS will keep your project online regardless of any challenges they experience;
  • freedom of action. No restrictions imposed on you beside the equipment you rent. You may install any apps you like, have as many domains as needed, and apply any settings you have chosen for your system. As soon as you feel the hardware used requires upgrading, you can easily cope with this problem;
  • reasonable tariffs. Dedicated server is an advanced hosting option, that’s for sure. However, at the launch stage, it is not wise to invest huge amounts of money into a raw project. In this case, VPS looks like an optimal choice, since it provides high performance and at the same time saves your budget.

Looking for the best virtual private server hosting offer

 Well, assume you have already picked a virtual machine as the perfect web hosting solution for your business. Now, it is time to make a choice between various VPS options available. It is obvious that the cheapest virtual private server is likely to keep lots of unpleasant surprises for you. How to find a reliable provider proposing high-quality services? We strongly recommend you to examine such factors as:

  • uptime (the time your project is online and available to potential visitors). A lot of items contribute to this essential parameter (the equipment used, tech support, and many others). Check whether the uptime promised by your hoster corresponds to reality;
  • location (the distance from your project to your target audience does matter). You are lucky, if your service provider can boast a wide CDN;
  • customer support team. You never know what issues you can face, so make sure your hoster provides you with qualified support available whenever you may need it;
  • service level agreement. A trustworthy hosting provider is supposed to deliver a SLA with essential services and parameters specified. You have the right to know what you are supposed to get (at least some general ratings like uptime, latency, support feedback time, etc.);
  • optional benefits. Most VPS offers may seem identical on the surface. However, if you take a deeper look, you may discover some unexpected bonuses like free IP address, free domain, SSL certificate or maybe some appealing discounts – whatever.

Thank you for your attention! We sincerely hope that the information provided will help you to find the best VPS server hosting offer and succeed in your online business. Good luck! Hope to keep you among our readers!